About Me

Hammock Camping
A stop along our trek on the Foothills Trail in North/South Carolina.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to study strategic communications and journalism at Ohio University and I look forward to learning in-depth about the world of communications and public relations. I’ve studied international relations and business as
specializations to accompany my degree in strategic communications. This site is a collection of ideas and examples of my writing that I’ve felt the need to scribble down.
I’ve played around with numerous odd jobs while working my way through high school and my college years. From crafting Cincinnati’s very own Skyline Chili, folding clothes in the dark alcoves and pungent clouds of perfume that define Hollister, to saving lives at a community pool (lifeguarding); I’ve had experience in an assortment of odd situations and have always worked to resolve them. The experiences listed above have granted me the opportunity to meet people that cover the full spectrum of personalities and attitudes that impact my view on the world.

The Pacific Coast at Sunrise
Southern California coast at sunrise.

My childhood years consisted of road-tripping around the United States with my parents and our extremely temperamental camper. Years have passed since my first trip westward of the Mississippi, but the memories of the first few journeys still burn vividly in my thoughts. I’ve held on to my ambition for travel through the years, culminating in a trip of a lifetime where myself and a couple of friends backpacked across eight countries in Europe during the summer after my sophomore year in college. Over the span of 35 days, the three of us were able to trek more than 2,000 miles through almost the entirety of mainland Europe. Using the traditional forms of European transportation, we rode trains and busses through Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia and Italy. Not only did the trip open my eyes to the world beyond our own borders here in the good ole’ U.S. of A., but I learned the struggles and values of other cultures that I now try to incorporate into my own life.

I’ve recently finished my career as an undergraduate at Ohio University with a degree in journalism and more specifically, strategic communication with a focus in public relations. I’m actively looking for potential employment opportunities after school. My resume and additional information can be found here.


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